crisis and issues planning

A serious issue or reputation ending crisis can hit at any time.

It is best to be prepared and we are experts at identifying potential issues and working with you on sound solutions.

all hours


For issues and crisis management, we are here to help steer you through 24/7. Our on-call number 0064 27 6222 468, is manned around the clock, because emergencies are not restricted to business hours.


our plans

Our crisis plans work within international crisis management structures such as CIMS and will:

  • Identify likely crisis

  • Help you mitigate the risk

  • Plan for events

  • Manage communications to :

    • Board

    • ​Government​
    • Shareholders
    • Stakeholders
    • Staff
    • Suppliers
    • Customers 
    • Media 
    • Affected families
    • Victims
    • Emergency services

response service

If you don't have a plan in place, we can still assist - with issues and crisis response experience that is unrivalled in Australasia. Call us and we will quickly mount an approach to protect your most valuable asset - your reputation.